José Vistoso Cantillana

Forestal Engineer. Arturo Prat University, Chile.
Diploma in Management and Management of Protected Areas. Colorado State University, USA
Diploma in Strategies and Techniques of Conservation of Biodiversity, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico -The Nature Conservancy-
Diploma in Interculturality of the Mapuche Culture. Postgraduate School, Universidad Austral de Chile


José Vistoso has a long experience in projects associated with biodiversity, its conservation and the natural resources associated with its sustainable management.

He has led pioneering conservation projects, which seek to create bridges between public and private, in order to achieve inclusive sustainability. In this context, the Raulintal Protected Area stands out (2013-present)

He has been Technical Advisor for the National Committee for the Defense of Fauna and Flora, CODEFF (2012-2014).

He has been responsible for “International Cases: Participatory Design of a Regional System of Protected Areas in the South of Chile: Institutional, Administrative and Financial Mechanisms” Proposed United Nations Program for Development (UNDP 350 / Guabun Consultores 2010-2012)

He has worked at The Nature Conservancy, Chile, as the Ranger Supervisor and Chief of Operations, of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve – Private Protected Area (2005-2011)

He has received training and has implemented international models of planning and management of protected areas based on the standards of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

He has received training and has used models of Geographical Information System, under the criteria of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

He has been part of International courses on Sustainable Tourism Planning in Protected Areas, of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

José Vistoso’s approach is to include and connect the assets of natural capital with the different interest groups, in order to facilitate not only social inclusion, but also the development of knowledge and the financial sustainability of projects with elements of biodiversity.

José Vistoso is also president of the Association of Rangers of Private Protected Wilderness Areas and voluntary conservation initiatives of Chile. AGASPP.

José Vistoso has also been selected among the 100 most important Innovators in Chile in 2013, year of Innovation. Chile Foundation. Project: Network of Urban Natural Reserves, nowadays in design execution. http://www.australvaldivia.cl/impresa/2013/06/11/full/4/.

José Vistoso has also been responsible for the constitution of the first private protected area in the Los Ríos Region of Chile, recognized by the state under Law 20,930, Royal Conservation Law. http://www.noticiaslosrios.cl/2016/09/12/en-la-union-firman-escritura-de-la-primera-area-protegida-con-la-nueva-ley-de-derecho-real-de-conservacion-ambiental/.