Jaime Ubilla Fuenzalida

PhD in Law, University of Edinburgh
M.A. in Law, Waseda University, Japan
J.D., Universidad de Chile


Dr. Jaime Ubilla has been a pioneer in Chile in introducing the notion of natural capital in the institutional analysis, in the legislative design and in the development of strategies and advice of various kinds (public and private).

His approach has gone beyond the seminal writings of Paul Hawken and Amory Lovins, including a vision of institutional and social economics, first under the focus of the writings of Douglas North, and then more broadly through the social theory of Niklas Luhmann.

In this sense, Dr. Jaime Ubilla has proposed a new reflective and inclusive model of conservation and management of natural capital. This has been explained profusely in sources cited in www.derechorealdeconservacion.cl and www.conservationright.org.

This new model has been manifested first in its early proposal to create the “real right of conservation” (Ubilla, 2003) and later in its design and writing of the main and structural articles of Law 20,930 (Ubilla 2015), which It just creates this new right, as a new type of real right – affirmative and reflective – that holds for intangibles – the attributes and functions of environmental heritage. This new model of real law -which breaks with 2,500 of legal history- is leaving behind the traditional model of static conservation and based on purely philanthropic models and tax benefits. In this regard, it should be noted that in the aforementioned legislative process Dr. Ubilla mentioned and expressly stated (in the minutes of the Senate of the Congress of Chile and therefore in the history of the law) that the real right of conservation – thus designed- would make possible the reflexive integration of environmental interest by raising natural capital.

It is, therefore, in this context that Natural Capital DMB seeks to surpass the traditional model through the development of practical strategies linked to integrate natural capital and social capital to the most diverse types of projects.

Dr. Ubilla was also the first conservation lawyer and academic in Chile, beginning in the 90s with conservation projects of various kinds, and participating in different international forums on the subject.

He is also the founder and director of the Conservation Law Center of Chile www.centroderechoconservacion.org.

He is also the founder of the Natural Capital Coalition of Chile, and actively cooperates with international organizations dedicated to the subject.

Finally, he is also the founder of the organization in process of establishment in the United Kingdom called Conservation Right Foundation www.conservationright.org, for the promotion of the international adoption of the real right of conservation or’conservation right’.

Dr. Jaime Ubilla is a partner of Ubilla y Cia Abogados www.ub-co.com, and director of B-Live in Nature, Chile www.b-live.com.

Finally, he cooperates with several universities and research centers in Chile and internationally, and his academic research focuses on legal theory, social theory and private law. He is currently a deputy professor at Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile.