Anibal Baeza Prieto

Lawyer, Bachelor of Legal and Social Sciences, University of Chile
Director of several companies in areas of innovation and positive social impact
Special Consultant in matters of sustainability and evaluation of natural capital


Anibal Baeza has long experience in corporate and business project consulting with high positive social impact. Their expertise is related to the development of ‘new models’ that make visible and tangible, non-visible aspects of business that make a difference to the inside and outside of organizations.

In this context, he has also been director and advisor to numerous national and international companies, always connecting business with the target audience, and changing social practices.

It is in this sense that he has also been an active participant in courses on Negotiation Strategies for Conflict Management, and also on courses of Effective Leadership.

He is the founder of B-Live in Nature, a leading platform for the promotion of new ways of seeing sustainability, the use of resources, and natural capital.

He is also the director and shareholder of Mercado Birus mercadobirus.cl, an e-commerce platform for the products of companies B, with knowledge of the certification processes of companies with impact and social purpose.