Our Company


Our vision and model integrates reflexively the relationships between traditional capital, social capital and natural capital.
This is an integrative model that facilitates the visibility of strategic relationships between the various assets and values of these different forms of capital.

In our view, this can only be achieved through a reflexive model that allows incorporating value considerations from various economic and social spheres and perspectives.

For this reason, our model considers the inclusive development of relevant relationships among interest groups, in order to promote cooperation to achieve the best management, financing and knowledge development processes.

About us

We are a group of professionals with different trajectories that converge in the vision of Natural Capital DMB.

Likewise, Natural Capital DMB is linked to a ‘cluster’ of companies and research centers directly and indirectly linked to the implementation and development of projects and ideas related to natural capital.

These companies and research centers make up our Strategic Partners.

Our group of professionals includes:

José Vistoso

José Vistoso has a long experience in projects associated with biodiversity, its conservation and the natural resources associated with its sustainable management.

Jaime Ubilla, PhD

Dr. Jaime Ubilla has been a pioneer in Chile in introducing the notion of natural capital in the institutional analysis, in the legislative design, in the development of different types of strategies (public and private) and also in advising projects of the most diverse type.

Anibal Baeza

Anibal Baeza has long experience in corporate and business project consulting with high positive social impact.

Strategic Partners

B-Live in Nature

Centro de Derecho de Conservación


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